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Temple Guide Practitioners

Meet our incredible Certified Temple Guide Trainers


Certified Temple Guides have successfully fulfilled all requirements to be a temple guide.

This means they’re credentialed to offer sacred circles online or in-person in a way that’s aligned with the frequency of Priestess Presence School of Sacred Arts & Temple.

These incredible women have completed intensive study and mentorship to create and hold sacred, long-lasting transformational space.

They’re permitted to use temple flows/templates that offer an introduction to the 13 Divine Feminine archetypes transmitted in the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage; however, unless they’re also focalizers of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineages, they will not initiate, ordain, or teach the works of the 13 Moon Mystery School.

Stories from Sisters as Temple Guides

Guiding Principles

01 Inner Alchemy & Shadow Work

We believe that before you can effectively create & hold sacred space for others, you must experience the alchemy that comes from personal initiation and shadow work. 

03 Devotion & Service

We believe that after personal shadow work & becoming skilled at holding space for yourself & others, you can enter a commitment to devotional service.

02 Resonance & Coherency

We believe that after a sufficient amount of inner alchemy/shadow work so that you can hold yourself through challenges, you can begin to hold space for others in a resonant & coherent way.


Amanda Starshine

Certified Scent Priestess, 13 Moon Focalizer Apprentice, Certified Temple Guide

Amanda Starshine is and apprenticing focalizer and priestess of the 13 moon mystery school. She is a medium, mystic and practicing medicine woman. Starshine works in the mundane world of western medicine and the world beyond the veils. She is a blend of science and magic and can bridge the gap between those two worlds.

Astara Ashley

Certified Temple Guide

As CEO and Publisher of Flower of Life Press, a boutique, full-service publishing agency, Astara is deeply committed to supporting authors in unleashing their unique voices and achieving full self-expression via their books and oracle card decks. Her expertise is rooted in a rich blend of corporate publishing experience and a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy, alongside her spiritual journey as a Priestess in the 13 Moon and Rosa Mystica Mystery Schools.

Aurora Anurca Farber

Certified Temple Guide

Aurora Anurca Farber is a Feminine Leadership Mentor, Intuitive Oracle, best selling writer, international speaker, Gene Keys Guide, magical Muse and Wayfinder. She helps women awaken their power, sync with cosmic cycles and ignite their intuition so they can create a more balanced, beautiful and brilliant life.

Catalina Rivera Dois

Ordained 13 Moon Priestess, Certified Temple Guide

Catalina Rivera Dois is an ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School and Keeper of Our Blood Mysteries Temple: a sacred space dedicated to the rebirthing of our womb mysteries into modern-day life. She is an emissary of Mother’s Love through simple heart/womb knowing, magic, and fun.

Chloe Rose Fielding

Certified Temple Guide

Chloe is a Mystic who has been ‘consciously’ devoted to walking the Way of Love for the past 9 years. She is dedicated to continually deepening her Priestess skill set, and sharing her gifts with those around her.

Demelza Fox

Certified Scent Priestess, Certified Temple Guide

Demelza Fox is a Priestess based in Cambridge UK. She runs Rockstar Priestess, an inspirational website devoted to all things priestess, and hosts temple circles, red tents, ceremonies, and retreats locally and nationally. She offers sacred anointing sessions and is available to priestess rites of passage ceremonies.

Devi Wetterer

Certified Temple Guide

Devi is a transformational workshop facilitator, Certified Temple Guide, Ishaya Monk, and InterPlay Leader with a passion for leadership in self-expression, creativity, and inner awareness.

Dianne Chalifour

Certified Scent Priestess, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess, 13 Moon Focalizer Apprentice

She is an ordained Priestess through the 13 Moon Mystery School, ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, and a certified Scent Priestess through the Rosa Mystica Mystery School. She is the owner of a wellness center/crystal shop on the New Hampshire seacoast born through her passionate calling to offer tools and services to assist in healing and elevating consciousness.

Elsa Alegria Perez Dean

Certified Temple Guide, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess, Focalizer: 13 Moon

Elsa Alegria is an Ordained Priestess and Focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is also the temple keeper of The Radiant Heart Sanctuary, offering women spiritual guidance and ceremony as a sacred feminine wisdom keeper.

Erin LaFaive

Certified Temple Guide

Erin LaFaive is an herbalist and Plant Priestess, known for her deep connection with Plant Beings. As the owner and founder of Full Circle Herbals, she brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the world of herbalism.

Flora Ware

Certified Temple Guide

Flora Ware is a Ceremonialist, Song Priestess, and queer witch. She is the founder of EarthSong Temple where she serves a global community through ceremony, singing circles, and earth magic.

Grace Phillips

Certified Temple Guide

Grace considers herself a Mystic in this journey of life. She is a Certified Temple Guide through Priestess Presence. She is also a Dove Oracle and Cacao Priestess through Seven Sisters Mystery School; and Scent Rose Priestess. Grace’s passion, love, and devotion to the healing arts opened the doors of her heart to be of service to others.

Jacquie Eva Shenton

Certified Temple Guide

Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton is the Program Manager and Faculty Member of Rosa Mystica Mystery School & Avalon Remembered.

Jaime K. Hardy, Ph.D.

Certified Temple Guide

As a licensed psychologist, people come to Jaime because they are in pain, stuck, trapped, with no way forward. Rather than finding a solution, they find themselves. They find the integration of parts of self that have been lost, that they have been afraid of seeing, that they have judged as unworthy.

Kirsty Jandrell

Certified Temple Guide

Kirsty is a Temple Guide and Mentor in the Enter the Mystery School in Priestess Presence and also studying as a Certified Scent Priestess in the Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

Lettie Sullivan

Certified Scent Priestess, Certified Temple Guide

Lettie Sullivan is a Professional Organizer, International Speaker & Life Coach, Bestselling Author and Priestess of the Sacred Arts.

Maria Chowdhury

Certified Temple Guide

My name is Maria Chowdhury. Twenty years as a home birth midwife, herbalist, massage therapist, meditator, and martial artist have prepared me to hold potent medicine and sacred space.

Rose Mulroney

Certified Temple Guide

As creatrix of Firepit Priestess and The Phoenix Rediscovery System, temple guide and spiritual practitioner Rose Mulroney serves women over 50 who see the chaos of life unfolding yet are ready to dance in the flames of transmutation to bring forth a radically new identity.

Sedona Swan Soulfire

Certified Temple Guide

Sedona Swan Soulfire is a multifaceted artist, priestess, goddess embodiment guide and ritual dancer. Rooted in the 13 Moon Mystery School’s alchemical teachings and her diverse ancestral heritage—Celtic, British, French, and Mesoamerican—she weaves together and shares a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern mysticism.

Shardai Moon

Certified Temple Guide

Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon, RN, is a Transformational Ceremonialist, Community Visionary, and the founder of Sophia Rising: Sacred Feminine Mystery School & Priestess Ministry.

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