Priestess Presence

Elizabeth Brett

Elizabeth is a Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School, a Scent Priestess in Rosa Mystica and a spiritual guide on a mission to help women remember the wisdom they carry within and awaken their soul voice. She is the founder of the Soul Voice Temple in Austin, TX where she holds intimate in-person temples and offers 1:1 training. She believes in the power of sacred storytelling and shares her journey through story in many forms.

For the last three years {and lifetimes, really} she has been on an inward journey through Enter the Mystery that has revolutionized the way she lives, the way she parents and her relationship with herself. Stepping onto the priestess path has brought her into deep remembrance, and finding her soul voice has been her great awakening. As a mentor, she is here to help other women return to themselves, remember their innate wisdom and honor their soul voice.

She has a strong connection to her motherline, reconnecting her to her Norse lineage including Danes and Danish Vikings. She also feels deeply drawn to her father’s lineage reconnecting her to the coast of England and Scotland. She believes that mothering and marriage are two of the most sacred spiritual paths and that her 6 year-old daughter and 8 year-old son are two of her greatest teachers.

She is the Temple Keeper of Lavender Oil in her Scent Prietessing, where she practices archetypal anointing as a way to reconnect to your body as a sacred being. She is a Certified Temple Guide who practices embodied divinity, guides sacred meditation, and holds sacred space for women to gather monthly to explore their soul voice through the 13 Moon archetypes. Learn more at