Priestess Presence

Astara Ashley

Certified Temple Guide

As CEO and Publisher of Flower of Life Press, a boutique, full-service publishing agency, Astara is deeply committed to supporting authors in unleashing their unique voices and achieving full self-expression via their books and oracle card decks. Her expertise is rooted in a rich blend of corporate publishing experience and a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy, alongside her spiritual journey as a Priestess in the 13 Moon and Rosa Mystica Mystery Schools. Her core mission is to elevate women’s stories and wisdom, providing a platform for them to share their sacred narratives.

Through Flower of Life Press, she offers a range of services, including the creation of single-author books, anthologies, oracle card decks, courses, and writing retreats—all aimed at fostering creativity, personal growth, and personal and societal transformation. Astara’s approach combines professional rigor with spiritual insight, ensuring that each author’s work resonates with authenticity and vibrancy.

As a mother of 3 grown daughters, she infuses her work with compassion and understanding, drawing on the sacred geometry of my logo—the Flower of Life—to guide her mission of interconnectedness and creative empowerment.