Priestess Presence

Rebecca Cavender

Certified Scent Priestess, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess

Rebecca is an Ordained Priestess with the 13 Moon Mystery School, Certified Scent Priestess with the Emerald Temple, and founder/steward of Golden Snake Temple.

She holds powerful snake medicine, rooted in primordial wisdom, initiating people into these mysteries as a faculty in the Quintessia Mystery School and Golden Snake Temple.

She’s a catalyst, supporting you to embody your authentic, wild sensitivity—whether in your business or personal life—through spirit journeys/medicine rooted in her ancestry and priestess lineages.

She’s taught 2k+ people (in-person/online) the art of intuitive writing, copywriting, and more.

For the past decade, Rebecca has been devoted to the Priestess Presence School of Sacred Arts & Temple as faculty, oracle, copywriter, and founding member of the Hive Council.

She’s also an international, best-selling author and in 2024, launched Snake Priestess Podcast.

Rebecca weaves the power of her diverse lineages, opening you to yours: Golden Snake, völva, tantra (Certified Practitioner—Red Lotus Temple), and ancestral (Finnish, Swedish, Sámi, English, Irish, Scottish).

Proudly autistic, she lives on the edge of the Salish Sea upon a small island in British Columbia.

Perhaps you’ll find her at low tide, nestled in a private cove, communing with land and ancestors—staff in hand, song in throat.

Instagram: @rebecca.a.cavender