Priestess Presence

Pauline Alvarez

Pauline, our alchemical muse and magical maker, transforms visions to life with her craft and digital prowess. Since joining the temple in 2022, she has been the enchanting force behind our creative endeavors. As a multimedia artist, she weaves magic through design, mixed-media art, photography, and prose.

Pauline’s journey is one of self-discovery, making living life itself an art. Outside the temple walls, she communes with nature, embracing the wild through camping, biking, and hiking. She enjoys traveling, exploring different cultures, and immersing herself in diverse realms of music, art, and media.

Known for her radiant spirit, Pauline’s effervescent aura lights up every space she enters, infusing it with warmth and joy. She adores caring for animals and cherishing moments with her loved ones. To those around her, Pauline is a ball of sunshine, spreading an infectious energy that captivates and uplifts.