Priestess Presence

Michelle Long

13 Moon Focalizer Apprentice

Michelle Long, MA, is the founder of The Practice® for Women, a sacred business that supports women as they step more into their truth and claim the life they desire. Michelle has been a teacher of feminine spirituality, yoga, and women’s leadership since 2002. She has a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education, is a certified Women’s Wholeness Coach, and owned and managed a women’s yoga and healing center for ten years. Michelle has served thousands of women over the past decade through her transformational programs both online and in person. She now owns and runs a temple space for women near Portland,Oregon.

Michelle has been deepening within the 13 Moon Mystery School since 2015, and is now on the path of Apprenticing Focalizer. She attributes much of her inspiration and education to the wisdom and initiations she has received through the Mystery School. Her dream is to continue to bring the beauty and knowledge of this lineage back to her local temple and community.

In addition to leading temples and supporting women, Michelle is a mom of two teenagers living a suburban life. She is on a mission to help every day women remember who they truly are, to find the courage to break old rules, and to live beyond the confines society tries to put us in. Her personal work has been to heal her feminine lineage and claim her gifts as a teacher, a soul midwife, and a modern day priestess.