Priestess Presence

Lumina Hasenyager

Born Jennifer Leigh Hasenyager, Lumina holds a blend of blood lineages. On her Mother’s side she carries the Ashkenazi Jewish line; on her father’s side, Celtic and Germanic. She walks with Myrraphore scent priestess and Avalonian lineages both etherically and through her bloodlines. She continues to explore and awaken the tapestry of holy lineages she carries.

Lumina’s career path in the 3D world has taken a few turns. She began as an academic eye surgeon/research scientist/professor. She quit, got an MBA, apprenticed with a therapist, and became a Certified Counselor of the Gifted and Registered Corporate Coach. After 12 years as an Executive Coach, Lumina returned to medical practice in Functional Medicine and then worked as an executive in a Natural Health Company.

Lumina is Temple Keeper of Vetiver, whose holy name is Releaser of Fear. Initially perplexed to be chosen by a seemingly humble grass (instead of an intoxicating flower), Lumina has deepened into a loving relationship with this profound teacher and ally. Vetiver connects Lumina to the grounding safety of the trees, to the molten power of the Magma Dragon, and to the comforting womb of Mama Gaia the Great Mother. Vetiver supports Lumina, a deeply sensitive empath who feels most at home up in the stars, to walk in the 3D world as an embodied emissary of light.

A 13 Moons Mystery School Initiate and Certified Scent Priestess, Lumina is a lifelong teacher and mentor and is honored to have the opportunity to mentor a circle in the Rosa Mystica program.

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