Priestess Presence

Katie Nadeau

Katie Ama Rose is a professional space holder, guide, and steward of the divine feminine mysteries, and lives in the northeast USA.

She supports women in their remembrance of who they truly are, coming home to their hearts and co-creating lives from this space. She is the Temple Keeper of lavender, the violet flame.

Ama facilitates embodied remembrance and transformation through 1-on-1 mentorship, ceremonies, workshops, retreats, and the Temple of Remembrance Mystery School.

She has walked a path of deep spiritual practice and devotion since a young age, eagerly following the threads Spirit has woven for her. She enjoys uncovering the magic in the mundane and attuning to the sacred essence of life. Her happy place is among the embrace of tall trees and rolling mountains.

Ama is devoted to the Way of Love and is here to hold and love others through their remembrance of wholeness and our collective co-creation of heaven on earth.