Priestess Presence

Julianna Muthu

Certified Scent Priestess

Julianna began her journey with the 13 Moon mystery school and is an ordained priestess. During this journey, Diana DuBrow of the Emerald Temple and the holy art of anointing captured her heart. Julianna has the great honor and privilege of working alongside Diana as a senior anointer and she humbly and lovingly serves in 13 Moon & Emerald Temples.

Julianna’s offering in the realm of medicine and magic is to support those to find their way to their next destination in their life. Those who are going through life transition and particularly people who have gone through the loss of divorce or losing their beloved.

She embodies a love that’s fully integrated in her, through the human journey of separation, loss, abandonment, neglect, and hurt. She intimately knows the illumined beauty that comes from a heart that has been through immense pain and chooses to come back to love again and again.

She believes you are not broken by your experience, but broken open – to more intimacy, connection, vulnerability, and humanity. Reclaiming the cycles of life, death, and rebirth empowers you to make clear choices about what is most important and precious to you, and what’s worthy of your time and energy.