Priestess Presence

Judrith Bigornia

Judrith, our Operations weaver and harmonious organizer, orchestrates the rhythm of our temple with precision and care. Since joining the temple, Judith has been a steady hand guiding our projects, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently, while documenting all of our processes as we go.

With over 10 years of experience in project managing, she blends thoughtful planning with meticulous execution, creating a symphony in our daily activities.

Judrith’s path is one of continuous improvement, viewing the world as both a masterpiece and a work in progress. She embraces continuous improvement and finds joy in turning organization into an art form.

Beyond the temple, you’ll find Judrith volunteering in different enriching programs or scouting for her next construction project. She treasures moments with loved ones, including family, friends, and especially her beloved dogs.

Whether she’s outdoors, tucked in bed watching a good show, playing a video game, or indulging in wellness practices like massage and self-care, she understands the value of quality time. As an avid traveler, she loves exploring and experiencing new places, art forms, cultures, and trying diverse cuisines, enriching her life with diverse experiences.

With Judrith’s calm and collected demeanor, her presence brings stability and order to every project. To those around her, she is a pillar of strength and calm, spreading a reassuring energy that inspires confidence and peace.