Priestess Presence

January Dela Cruz

Since joining the Priestess Presence team in 2023, January has embraced her role with enthusiasm and dedication. As a pivotal member of the support team, she intricately weaves together the various elements of the digital presence. Her expertise is particularly evident in the maintenance and enhancement of the website, with a special focus on the vibrant membership site. She diligently oversees the monthly content releases, ensuring every update flows seamlessly and supports the community’s needs.

In her quest to create a harmonious and efficient digital environment, January delves deeply into the CRM, crafting pages, automations, and emails that align with the organization’s mission. Her dedication to these tasks not only ensures the smooth operation of Priestess Presence but also nurtures the flourishing of the sacred community.

Outside the sacred realm of Priestess Presence, January finds joy in a variety of creative and relaxing activities. An avid reader and passionate artist, she loves to spend her free time drawing and immersing herself in books. To balance the chaos of daily life, she often indulges in cozy games that bring a sense of calm and tranquility.

A puzzle enthusiast at heart, January enjoys the challenge of solving intricate problems and finds satisfaction in each completed puzzle. Additionally, she has a keen interest in culinary adventures, frequently exploring new restaurants and delighting in diverse culinary experiences. These activities enrich her life and bring a sense of balance and joy to her daily routine.