Priestess Presence

Jacquie Shenton

Jacquie is the Program Manager and a faculty of the Rosa Mystica Mystery School & the Avalon Remembered retreat, ensuring that the energy and coherency of the rose and anointing mysteries is resonant and amplified in these programs.

She’s also one of our customer support team and the temple’s bookkeeper.

A woman with many hats and killer spreadsheet skills, Jacquie brings over 30 years of business administration experience and support skills to our team, temple spaces, and students of our programs.

As a Priestess in service, Jacquie is a highly intuitive and creative awakening midwife who loves supporting women to step into and own their personal power. She radiates Muse, Priestess, and Alchemical Goddess energy and has a very big heart.

A  good listener and guide, her strongest gifts are the ability to deep dive into the realms of unconsciousness to bring back the gems buried there, transforming poison into medicine, and holding space for others to do the same.

Outside of the Priestess Presence temple, Jacquie holds powerful circles and safe spaces empowering empaths to thrive – not just survive – the dance of life and cycles of death & rebirth.