Priestess Presence

Elsa Alegria Perez Dean

Certified Temple Guide, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess, Focalizer: 13 Moon

Elsa Alegria is an Ordained Priestess and Focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is also the temple keeper of The Radiant Heart Sanctuary, offering women spiritual guidance and ceremony as a sacred feminine wisdom keeper.

Elsa Alegria is passionate about empowering women to live their most authentic lives. She is a priestess who reconnects women to their inner wisdom so they may align to their heart’s compass and reclaim their expression, power, and joy.

After 20 years, in corporate interior design, Elsa Alegria answered her soul’s call to reimagine her life. She obtained a degree in nutrition and became a holistic dietitian nutritionist and wellness coach with the mission of guiding women back to their inner knowing and vitality. Whatever the vocation, Elsa Alegria’s motivation has been to share her gifts on a deep, spiritual level to bring meaningful change to other’s lives.

She continues to serve in devotion within Priestess Presence as a Focalizer within Quintessia, an original member of the Hive Council, and Senior Mentor of the Ritual Temple Guide Training program.

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