Priestess Presence

Easula Sedlmaier

Easula is a Transformational Coach with 30 years of practice and a Quantum Shamanic Teacher with a global reach. She is an internationally published author and is certified as an Intentional Creativity Coach.

With her background in psychology and the creative arts, Easula brings her clients beyond the mental realm and into the dance between mind and feeling, leading them to a deeper knowing of themselves and a higher frequency of existence. She intuitively holds her clients in unconditional love as they navigate their life issues in a safe, non-judgmental space and she is a sacred retreat holder.

Easula’s shamanic tools allow her to lead her clients wherever they need to go in order to find healing, stability, and inner alignment. She guides her clients into the depths of their darkness and into their brightest radiance.

Easula was born in the United States, fell in love with Europe, and currently resides in Munich, Germany with her family. She is fluent in German and English and works with clients all over the