Priestess Presence

Dianne Chalifour

Certified Scent Priestess, Ordained 13 Moon Priestess, 13 Moon Focalizer Apprentice

Dianne Chalifour is a passionate, transformational guide within the healing arts.

She is an ordained Priestess through the 13 Moon Mystery School, ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, and a certified Scent Priestess through the Rosa Mystica Mystery School. She is the owner of a wellness center/crystal shop on the New Hampshire seacoast born through her passionate calling to offer tools and services to assist in healing and elevating consciousness.

Dianne guides in-person temple circles and serves as a midwife for her clients to reach deep into their inner knowing and step forward empowered into the life waiting for them. Through her journey on her continually evolving spiritual path, Dianne is committed to serving from her heart where her path leads her and being in service to the greater shift underway!